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The process for obtaining a home loan has historically required a lot of the borrower’s time in gathering paperwork and attending in-person meetings. Luckily, online mortgage brokers like Bee utilize the latest app technology to allow for quicker approval and faster closing times. As a borrower, you must still prove the income you are claiming but face-to-face meetings with a lender is almost a thing of the past. Plus, using our mortgage app Palm Bay is a fast, secure way to determine your lowest monthly house payment. When you get the lender’s closing disclosure, just review it to ensure there are no changes.


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Low Rates for Online Home Loans

Also referred to as a digital mortgage, today’s online mortgage combines techniques of traditional lending with a more digitally efficient approach for submitting your application and documentation as well as processing and closing the actual loan. Since technology can use financial linking, a borrower’s assets and expenses can often be verified much more quickly using today’s automated processes. Homebuyers who shopped for a mortgage online said they felt comfortable with importing loan documents digitally and believed it saved them significant time over digging up paperwork and attending meetings.

Although every mortgage is a little different, borrowers can end up saving thousands of dollars by getting a mortgage online. Not only are there savings from loan processing efficiencies like those discussed above but online lenders also know passing along savings from lower overhead costs and being highly competitive with their rates is what it takes to underwrite more home loans. Bee is a licensed Florida mortgage broker that works closely with multiple lenders, so you can easily shop to find your best match on a home mortgage or refinance. Since interest rates have been trending up, now is the time lock-up a rate with the Bee Advantage.

About the Bee Advantage

At Bee, we apply the latest technology for our mortgage app Palm Bay to help more homebuyers to own a home. Using our app to estimate what you can afford to borrow is a smarter approach to home buying in that it allows you to narrow the real estate search. Once you prequalify, the Bee Advantage can lock your rate for 90 days to protect your closing in case lending rates creep up. On the other hand, should interest rates drop within the first year following your closing, you have an option to refinance so the savings are reflected in your monthly payments. Due to the Bee Advantage, most buyers close early.

Certainly very reputable mortgage lenders have the capability of offering lower rates as a way to attract more homebuyers, but it should be cause for concern if one lender’s rate is significantly lower. At Bee, our licensed Florida mortgage broker shops around to match you with the lowest rate for your home loan. Bee’s Palm Bay loan closing office is located in Melbourne on the west bank of the Indian River off US-1 (S Harbor City Blvd) at 2412 Irwin Street in Melbourne, Florida 32901. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you need to speak to a human, you can contact us direct at (904) 316-5566 call or text.

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