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What Does The Latest CPI Inflation Report Tell Us?

May 12, 2023

The Federal Reserve released the latest inflation report May 10. Here's what it had to say.  After taking extraordinary measures raising rates for the 10th time since March 2022, the latest... Read More 

What The Fed’s Latest Move Means To You

May 10, 2023

What The Fed’s Latest Move Means To You The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the 10th time since March 2022. This latest quarter-point hike has significant implications for... Read More 

Daytona Beach, Sunbathing Paradise

May 8, 2023

Daytona Beach, Sunbathing Paradise Located in Volusia County, Daytona Beach is a vibrant coastal city on the East Coast of Florida that offers residents an exceptional quality of life. Located on... Read More 

Luxurious Living In Fernandina Beach, Florida

May 4, 2023

Northern Florida's Luxurious Secret, Fernandina Beach On the northern most part of Florida’s East Coast, just before the Florida/Georgia line, you’ll find the city of Fernandina Beach... Read More 

3-Day Appraisal & 8 Day To Clear-To-Close

April 26, 2023

3-Day Appraisal & 8 Days To Clear-To-Close [video video_id="10" video_title="2" video_width="400" video_width_type="px" video_player="1"] We just took a file from submission to... Read More 

Salty and Fun Flagler Beach, Florida

April 24, 2023

Salty and Fun Flagler Beach, Florida If you’ve spent any time in Florida, you know that some of the best spots are only known to the locals, and oftentimes, they’re easy to miss if... Read More 

Top Reasons To Live In St. Augustine, Florida | Bee Mortgage App

April 20, 2023

Top Reasons to live in St. Augustine, Florida [video video_id="11" video_title="1" video_width="400" video_width_type="px" video_player="1"] While there are many places to possibly live in... Read More 

How AI Will Change The Mortgage Industry...According To Itself

April 18, 2023

[video video_id="12" video_title="1" video_width="400" video_width_type="px" video_player="1"] Write an article about how AI will change the mortgage industry. Artificial... Read More 

Top 5 Reasons To Live In Nocatee Florida | Bee Mortgage App

April 11, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to live in Nocatee, Florida [video video_id="13" video_title="1" video_width="400" video_width_type="px" video_player="1"] If you’re considering moving to Florida, consider... Read More 

Why You Should Move To Florida | Bee Mortgage App

April 7, 2023

Why move to Florida?  [video video_id="5" video_title="2" video_width="400" video_width_type="px" video_player="1"] With up to 300 sun-filled days each year and a close proximity to the... Read More 


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