Bee Mortgage Now Open In Indiana

August 17, 2023

Bee Mortgage Now Open In Indiana

Bee Mortgage Opens First Indiana Office In Kosciusko County

As mortgage rates recently hit a 23 year high, Indiana home buyers and homeowners can now use one the nation’s most talked about mortgage companies for home buying and refinancing. Bee Mortgage, the nationally recognized mortgage company known for instant pre-approvals, low rates, and fast closings, has expanded to Indiana. Already known in the area, with investors/board members Brian & Diane Catron, Scott Miller, along with investors Scott Silveus, Steve Silveus, Jason Timmerman, and Dr. Chad and Dr. Danielle Stutsman, among many others, the first Bee Mortgage office is will open in downtown Warsaw, Indiana, in the KEDCO building at:

207 S Buffalo St.
Warsaw, IN 46580

As the county seat of Kosciusko County, Warsaw has a little over 16,000 residents, and, most importantly, is known as the Orthopedic Capital of the World with 4 of the top 5 orthopedic engineering firms located there. This business friendly county is supported by the #1 Chamber in Indiana, the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce, and home to some of the most leading innovative companies in America.

Kosciusko County: Where innovation is wide and farmers are knee high by the Fourth of July.

Although the county is known for farming with corn fields as far as eye can see, there’s more to this county than corn and soy beans. People have gone from Warsaw to Broadway, start-ups have gone from ideas to publicly traded companies, and if a farmer grows it, there’s a good chance a company in Warsaw insures it. If you want to launch or grow a business, this is the place. Looking for a rewarding engineering career? Come to Warsaw. Want to raise a family with in a community with wholesome values, Kosciusko County is the place. Building with high-end wood? One of the top reclaimed wood experts is in Warsaw.

Innovation • Technology • Engineering

Although Warsaw may be small compared to some other cities, this leading city in Kosciusko County is known for innovative start-ups pushing the boundaries of technology with next-gen engineering, systems, and processes. Along with the largest, most innovative privately held agricultural insurance agency in the country, Silveus Insurance Group, Kosciusko County is a hub for entrepreneurs chasing their business dreams.

But it’s not just new companies popping up. Kosciusko County has a rich history of big business and cultural influence with a worldwide impact. For those old enough to remember the nostalgia, the Sears catalog was printed in Warsaw, Billy Graham held his first revival meeting here, and some of the oldest churches were founded in Winona Lake, which is an adjacent town. Some of the performers at the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts, a Stalwart theater seating 800, have gone on to perform on Broadway; and the Creighton Brother egg farm is one of the largest in the country.

The County Was Named After A Revolutionary War Hero

Organized around 1836, Kosciusko County was named after Thaddeus Kosciuszko, a Polish immigrant who fought alongside George Washington in the Revolutionary War. Born in Warsaw, Poland, the city was named Warsaw in his honor. This distinct type of heroism created a culture of patriotism, hard work, and gratitude for the gift of America among those who live there. With some of the best farming ground in the state and nation, Kosciusko County boasts some of the nation’s agricultural experts and, of course, best farmers.

With many orthopedic companies founded and operating in the area, Warsaw and Northeast Indiana represents about 50% of the global orthopedic market for total joint replacements.

This critical industry proudly serves those in need of greater mobility, joint replacement, and veterans who have been injured serving their country. With the orthopedic industry being the largest employer in Kosciusko County, along with Warsaw-based Silveus Insurance Group being the largest privately held agricultural insurance agency in America, Warsaw has a bustling economy making it one of the best places to live in Indiana. 

With a vibrant downtown situated around three infused lakes, Center Lake, Pike Lake, and Hidden Lake, Warsaw offers a rich urban experience, rewarding career opportunities, and an adventurous outdoor spirit. Along with many beautiful parks and the very popular Warsaw Summer Concert Series, Kosciusko County public schools are top-rated and staffed with dedicated educators who want to see kids succeed academically and in life. 

In the summer, residents enjoy the peaceful outdoors fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, water ski shows, tubing, boating and other water sports and activities. Center and Pike Lake offer kayak rentals while local parks and beaches make for a fun time cooking out and hanging out with friends and family. There’s bike-share rentals available and walking and cycling trails running around the city, and bike paths connecting points of interest throughout the community. In addition to the festivals and holiday events such as Lights of Joy, there’s the famed Blue Gate Restaurant & Theatre that has the largest dessert selection in the state. 

Historic & Growing Downtown Warsaw

Historic and picturesque downtown Warsaw is favored destination of locals and visitors alike. Popular dining and entertainment spots, such as Buzz on Buffalo, One Ten Craft Meatery, and Cardoso 520 make for great food and fun times any time of year. This ever-expanding region is supported by the old historic buildings, like their landmark courthouse, and modern economic initiatives like the Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation, or KEDCO, for short.


Downtown Warsaw is an ideal place to spend an afternoon or evening enjoying fine food, hanging out with friends, or sightseeing around the courthouse. With Central Park and Center Lake considered the center of life in downtown Warsaw, everything is within walking distance of the many things to do, such as a summer concert series, festivals, and other events. As the community continues to grow with the development of the lakefront, there’s plenty of outdoor seating, giant murals, and a farmers market every Saturday morning to enjoy.

The Village of Winona Lake, a top Indiana vacation destination

This vibrant destination is perfect for those wanting a day of fine dining, shopping, and family entertainment. This former summer retreat, that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is situated on the shores of beautiful Winona Lake and is steeped in history. As a shopping, recreation, and dining destination, with a variety of restaurants, eateries, unique retail boutiques and service shops, The Village draws residents from all over Kosciusko County looking for good food and fun times.

With all the things to do at The Village of Winona Lake, families are drawn to the place that guarantees fun for everyone, parents and children alike, especially at Social, an ice cream shop with outstanding flavors.

By hosting numerous gatherings throughout the year, such as festivals, concerts, and performances, this popular community gathering place boasts an abundance of green spaces making it the ideal natural venue for parties, weddings, events, or simply relaxing in the scenic natural surroundings. You can also enjoy boat rides or scenic kayaking trips around the lake and village. And some of the best coffee in the state is found at Light Rail. 

As one of the most historic locations in Northern Indiana, locals and visitors alike can visit the Village any time of year to meet with friends, enjoy a favorite outing, or to try something fun and new. From walking, hiking and biking the numerous trails and lush green paths, to shopping and dining at locally owned stores and restaurants, The Village of Winona Lake continues to be one of the most popular destinations in Kosciusko County.

Youth Conservation Camps

Safe and vibrant communities are defined by how they lead, teach and nurture the next generation. In effort to educate youth about the importance of conservation of water-rich natural resources, Kosciusko County has dedicated tax payer resources into youth conservation camps. These camps are intended to build appreciation and awareness of of the outdoors along with sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork skills.

Run by conservation officers, these camps teach kids in Kosciusko County three important life skills:

  • Water safety
  • Outdoor skills
  • Teamwork

And provide fun and engaging training and education for:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Boating
  • Canoeing
  • Hunting 
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife

With 103 lakes in Kosciusko County, good water safety and practices are very important. From the largest lake, Lake Wawasee, to the deepest lake, Lake Tippecanoe, kids are taught the proper way to enjoy the lakes, safely and in compliance with rules. Kids are encouraged to be curious and to ask questions so that they to learn and develop water-focused skills they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives. Additionally, there are team-building activities, such as hunting and fishing education, along with wildlife identification. For more information, visit

STEM Schools Kosciusko County and Greater Area 

Standing for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Kosciusko County and the surrounding areas have some of the best schools in Northern Indiana and the nation. Schools the emphasize STEM bring out the best in each student, no matter where their God-given talents are. STEM enhances the focus on each student’s core strengths and skills; and while some prefer mathematics, conducting lab experiments and building software, others shine on stage. Regardless of where each student gifts may be, STEM brings them out allowing them to engage with each subject on a deeper level as they obtain college credits for preparing for the next phase of education.

In addition to preparing for future high-demand tech jobs and a college education along with developing creativity and critical thinking skills, STEM offers 5 other primary benefits. Based on a good balanced and rigorous STEM curriculum that integrates the core subject matters of science, technology, engineering, and math, STEM provides students:

Prepares Students Who Want to Continue Their Education
Since COVID, public high schools have fallen behind in key areas critical for preparing students for college. Math, reading, and science have all fallen behind, and in some areas of the country, worse than others. Math and reading scores dropped as school struggled to return to academic normalcy. STEM programs put a greater emphasis on these core subjects.

Stimulates Creativity, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Some things can’t be taught, but they can be sparked. Critical thinking and problem solving are all based on creativity; and there’s few jobs that are done well without these foundational skills. Starting a business, managing people, mergers, acquisitions and expansions all require a person to be creative and able to think critically and solve problems fast.

Prepares for Future Job Needs
Whether or not a student continues to college, STEM prepares to them a trade and job skill that they can use to make a good career in the Warsaw area and Kosciusko County. With some of the nations largest employers by market shares in the area, along with the ever increasing Baby Boomer retirements, companies are looking for skilled workers that have as much training as possible.

Real-World Skills
Lessons learned in STEM programs give students the confidence to tackle real-world problems. This basis will allows students to go into the work force ahead of the game; or continue their education with a competitive advantage over other students, ensuring the best grades possible for them. More and more companies are focusing on technology, yet few students are getting the appropriate trainmen for it.

Science and Math Focus
These two interdisciplinary skills are the core catalysts for future success, no matter where you go from high school. STEM students learn several essential subjects reinforcing and interconnecting information and applications, unlike traditional schooling that separates topics, subjects, and diciplines. 

And the real-life career results are stunning:

  • $100,900 average wage for a STEM job
  • $55,260 average wage for a non-STEM job

And STEM professionals with a bachelor’s degree earn about 30% more than those in similar roles without a degree.

Living in Warsaw

Warsaw and the greater surrounding area is one of the best places to live in Indiana. Many families and young professionals call Warsaw this small, historic farming community home. With a dense suburban feel, sense of community, and national pride, most Warsaw residents are faith-driven, conservative and patriotic. Living in Warsaw won’t break the bank. In fact, Warsaw ranks highly for jobs, job retention during the Great Recession, average household income, and is a strong supporter of entrepreneurs wanting to start a business. The cost of living is almost 20% lower than the national average, and, according to the data, cost about $33,500 for a single adult. 

Driving around Warsaw you’ll see farmland, small homesteads, lakes and houses. Go any small distance and you’ll see signs for public access to one of the many lakes in the area. Looking for a ranch style home? They’ve got many. Want a weekend on the water? There’s plenty of options for that too. 

There’s plenty of outdoor activities as well, including hiking, hunting and fishing. In fact, Warsaw has some of the best hunting and fishing spots in Indiana, in addition to other fun things to do. 

Fish to catch
Largemouth bass

Wild turkey
Small game
Waterfowl & Migratory birds
Other game birds

The Warsaw, Indiana Housing Market

While the housing market in Warsaw is still a sellers market (meaning the market is favoring sellers not buyers), there are signs that it’s starting to cool off. Prices on some houses are starting to come down a little, which favors Warsaw home buyers, and helps improve homeownership affordability. In fact, almost 40% of houses were sold under asking price last month. This is a very good sign for Warsaw home buyers looking for a good deal on a home along with a low rate mortgage.

Warsaw By The Numbers

Warsaw Est. Population: 16,040 
Warsaw Metro Area Population: 80,162
Homeowners: 52%
Renters: 48%
Warsaw Median Age: 33.5
Warsaw, Indiana Median Home Value: $128,500
National Median Home Value: $204,900 
Warsaw, Indiana Average Monthly Rental Cost: $820
National Average Monthly Rental Cost: $1,023
Warsaw, Indiana Yearly Median Household Income: $53,637
National Yearly Median Household Income:$31,133
Kosciusko County Natural Lakes: 101
Kosciusko County Size: 13.4 sq mi


About Bee Mortgage

Bees are so important the the earth’s ecosystem we’d all die without them. We beelieve affordable mortgages are just as important the the American family.

A proud member of the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce and strategic partner with Orange Marketing group, a Warsaw-based marketing agency, Bee Mortgage is a locally owned and operated mortgage company licensed in Indiana and Florida.

“We knew it was time to partner with an expert, especially one in Indiana, in marketing and communications so that we can empower more people in their homebuying journeys—which is why we enlisted the help of Orange Marketing Group," Bee Mortgage CEO Curtis Wood said. 

Bee has been featured extensively in the national news media, and Indiana and Kosciusko County home buyers can use Bee Mortgage to get a low mortgage rate. With a user-friendly loan application process and generally happy and helpful people, Bee makes getting pre-approved fast and easy. By working with multiple lenders, you can rest assured you’re getting the best mortgage rate possible. Bee offers fixed and adjustable rates mortgage crafted around your unique budget and financial goals. From 10, 15, 20 or 30-year mortgages, each loan has a certain payment and interest rate to consider.

By working with multiple lenders, you can rest assured you’re getting the best mortgage rate possible. Bee offers fixed and adjustable rates mortgage crafted around your unique budget and financial goals. From 10, 15, 20 or 30-year mortgages, each loan has a certain payment and interest rate to consider.

Bee is well known for three things:

  1. Instant pre-approvals
  2. Low rates
  3. Fast closings

Instant Pre-approvals
Bee Mortgage offers many convenient ways to get pre-approved and apply for a mortgage:

  • On our website
  • In-person at our office (usually done by appointment only)
  • Over the phone

After you apply one of our dedicated loan experts will guide you the rest of the way to pre-approval. While not everyone is ultimately pre-approved, most applications are processed within one hour of applying, including weekends. Kosciusko County home buyers now have access to fast pre-approvals. Getting pre-approved quickly can give you the edge when making an offer on a home.

Low Rates
This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. In today’s home buying market in Warsaw, Kosciusko County home buyers need the lowest rate possible. This is where Bee excels! To date, we have offered the lowest rates our home buyers could find. And they shopped us with other lenders. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer testimonies; and, hopefully, you’ll be the next one! In many cases, we beat other lenders by up to a full 1.5%!

Fast Closings
A lender that closes fast and early means 1) They know what they’re doing, and 2) Do if well and fast. Bee offers personalized service and doesn’t pass you off to another person once you’ve locked in your rates and chosen to go with Bee. From start to finish you work with a dedicated loan expert. This licensed loan officer will guide you through to closing, which, most of the time happens early. In fact, Bee closes over 1/2 of its loan early. With a team of loan experts working diligently behind the scenes, turn around times are accelerated, tasks completed fast, and clear-to-close obtained in as little as a few days.

Kosciusko County Home Refinance

For Warsaw homeowners wanting to refinance into a lower rate, Bee has you covered. While each scenario is different based on how much you owe on your current loan, and how long you have to pay it off, our low mortgage rates can possibly save you thousands of dollars of interest payments and years of payments. A Kosciusko County refinance and Warsaw refinance are just a click away. To see if you can refinance into a lower interest rate and pay your home off faster, contact us today.

To see if you qualify for a streamline refinance, contact Bee at 855-626-1999 or apply here today


If you’re ready to make the leap into homeownership, contact us today! Our dedicated loan experts will walk you through every step of the way ensuring you get a low rate and close quickly!


If you’re looking for a streamline refinance to lower the rate and payment, apply here today or call 855-626-1999 and speak with one of our expert loan officers in your area!


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