Bee Partners With Orange Marketing

August 30, 2023

Bee Partners With Orange Marketing

Bee Mortgage & A Local Advertising Leader

Bee Mortgage is excited to announce our newest partnership with Indiana’s leading digital marketing agency, Orange Marketing Group. Led by industry expert, Kosciusko County Chamber Board Member, and Orange Marketing founder, David Phelps, Orange Marketing has a proven track record of scaling business of all sizes and knows the Indiana market better than anyone.

From local businesses, such as Clearwater Carwash (under the original owners), to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies, Warsaw-based Orange Marketing knows the Kosciusko County market well. By crafting digital advertising strategies that resonate with Indian home buyers, based on their needs and desires, Bee Mortgage is expanding its mortgage services to all of Indiana.

Bee Mortgage Solution For Homeownership Affordability Challenges

As homeownership affordability worsens, home buyers are seeking less expensive mortgages. This is where Orange Marketing area expertise will help consumers find lower fees, rates, and better service with Bee Mortgage. Already known as a highly recommended and nationally recognized mortgage lender for its instant pre-approvals, low rates, and fast closings, conventional, Bee Mortgage is eager to serve the Indiana home buying market with better home loan options.

By offering an array of mortgages that suite everyone’s unique home buying needs, Bee Mortgage Indiana can close VA, FHA, USDA, and other types of specialty loans, such as HELOCs, interest only loans, DSCR loans, 80/10/10 loans, bank statements loans, and 1% down loans.

Why Is Bee Different?

Bee Mortgage is a mortgage broker that works with multiple lenders to find you the best rate possible. If a home buyer works with a bank, they’re only offered the rate that bank offers at that time. By working with a mortgage broker, home buyers have access to multiple lender’s rates, and can choose to lowest one available. Lot’s of Bee Mortgage customers get rates up to 1.5% lower, plus save time and money by closing early, ensuring they start living in their dream home quickly.

Getting a home loan from a mortgage broker is a lot like buying wholesale at Costco or Sam’s Club. And even with the broker fee, almost all home buyers save more money using Bee Mortgage Indiana compared to other banks and lenders. And in this current market, rates matter, more than ever.

As getting a mortgage is based in part on income, a lower interest rate can mean the difference between qualifying to buy your home, or not, with a lower mortgage payment your income qualifies for. Orange Marketing understand this, and is mission-aligned to bring affordable homeownership options not just to Warsaw, Indiana and Kosciusko County, but to all of Indiana. Affrodable homeownership pathways support thriving neighborhoods with a sense of pride, purpose, and community. 

The Local Warsaw, Kosciusko County Real Estate Market

The local and broader Indiana real estate market has shown signs of resiliency and is currently strong to quite strong, as Ben Stiller famously said about his portfolio in Meet the Parents. Although the total number of homes has dropped almost 20% and roughly 6,000 more people are moving out than in, Indiana home values have increased 3.6%, respectively in a very tough real estate market. Weighed down by higher interest rates and broader economic concerns, Indiana, and Kosciusko County specifically, has shown remarkable endurance as it continues to grow and attract new businesses from all over the country.

With the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce just rated the #1 chamber in the state, consumers enjoy excellent career and home buying real estate in the area. Because of this trend, Bee Mortgage chose the county seat, Warsaw, to be the location of their first office in Indiana. Located in downtown Warsaw, Indiana, Bee Mortgage has a new office in the KEDCO office building.

This prime space that is currently undergoing renovations will be one of the best and most convenient spots for professionals and customers alike. By opening a new office in Warsaw, Bee Mortgage is planning to expand it brand presence from there and will open more Indiana offices in 2024, with the help of market expert Orange Marketing Group.



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