Living Life in Ponte Vedra Beach

July 11, 2023

Living Life in Ponte Vedra Beach

Living Life In Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach, home of the PGA Tour and the year's highest-purse golfing tournament, The Players Championship, is an ideal place situated on the coastal side of the intercostal waterway in North East Florida. Although passionate golf fans know the area well due to it's signature event each year in July, many people throughout the country do not. However, this quiet little beach town boasts some of the most scenic beaches, surf, sunbathing, and stunning oceanfront houses that is more affordable than other areas of the state.

For Bee MortgagePonte Vedra Beach is home. Located just outside of Duval County, home to the America's largest city by land mass, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach offers unparalleled living, dining, entertainment, educational, faith-based worshiping, and career opportunities in all the country. Many people are born in the area, leave for college or other reasons, only to find themselves coming back because the area is so great to raise a family or launch a business. Home to Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, Ponte Vedra Beach and the greater area has many opportunities for businesses and a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem supported by the St. Johns and Duval County Chamber of Commerce.

Ponte Vedra Beach History

Originally home to pre-Columbian natives, the Timucuan Indian, followed by Spanish explorers who settled historic Diego, then Dan McGirtt’s  band of Scottish outlaws, and soon after a culture of north Palm Valley moonshiners and bootleggers. But, the region captured national attention in 1912, after a vein rich in minerals was discovered running through local sand dunes. In turn, it led to the area being called Mineral City. 

The National Lead Company built a nine-hole golf course for its employees who lived and worked the strip mines in Mineral City. At that time, no one knew the company’s course would launch what would become such a famous stretch of courses. Resort life for the affluent dates back to 1928 with the celebrated opening of The Ponte Vedra Club, which was renamed The Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in 1983.

Seaside Resort with World Renowned Golf

The name “Ponte Vedra” first appeared as a location on maps developed by early European settlers and is derived from Gallic for the “old bridge.” Today, Ponte Vedra Beach (PVB) is a group of upscale communities located southeast of Jacksonville on Florida’s First Coast, in St. Johns County, the healthiest and wealthiest county in Florida. In addition to golf, it is known for its beautiful beaches and resorts including the AAA/Five Diamond Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, the Lodge and Club, and Marriott at Sawgrass

PVB is golf’s home to the PGA Tour and The Players Championship that is played each year at TPC Sawgrass. The beach community is loaded with wealthy celebrities, professional athletes, and overall is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Florida. In addition to its seaside resorts and world-renowned golf courses, Ponte Vedra Beach is simply a great place to live. Anyone looking for luxury living with access to private beaches can shop for homes with a southern touch.

Does Ponte Vedra Beach have a downtown?

Sawgrass Village is considered the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach and offers a vibrant shopping center located in the middle of the world’s best golf courses. Sawgrass Village is a walkable community with over 30 boutiques, art galleries, and award winning beach area restaurants. If you're looking for a friendly place to live that’s sure to please family members of all ages, Ponte Vedra Beach may be the place. PVMSD is chartered by the State of Florida as Ponte Vedra Beach Municipal Service District (MSD) and has an elected Board of District Trustees including the St. Johns tax collector and St. Johns County supervisor that serve as ex-officio members. The public is encouraged to attend PVMSD meetings, which are currently held the second Monday of each month at Ponte Vedra Beach Public Library in the FOL Room.

What’s the Difference between Ponte Vedra Beach and Ponte Vedra?

Although most locals never bother to make a distinction, Ponte Vedra Beach and Ponte Vedra are both located in St. Johns County, Florida; but they are distinct U.S. Postal Service designated areas and separated by the Intercoastal Waterway. St. Johns County is a popular choice for many homebuyers as it is currently recognized as one of the best places to raise a family in Florida, especially for those looking for highly ranked public and private schools.

Ponte Vedra Beach sits on a unique barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway and includes several communities, namely Mayport, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Palm Valley, and Vilano Beach. PVB sits in the center of this forty-mile oceanfront. It’s a coastal playground and a beachgoer's dream with plenty of year-round activities. 

Seaside communities and private escapes can be found in Ponte Vedra Beach among the twisted oaks and hammocks of the wild palmettos. In addition to the 1.5-mile stretch of a naturally occurring white sand beach composed of Appalachian quartz and ancient coquina, there are miles of fresh-water streams, creeks and lagoons winding through the natural areas of Ponte Vedra Beach.

With plenty of pristine sand beaches and gentle waves, Ponte Vedra Beach has a soothing ambiance that can’t be beat. There's simply no better place to let go of daily stress than a walk on the beach. You can also sit back and soak up the sun, watch the waves roll in, or even take a nap in a hammock strung between palm trees. If you’re looking to lessen stress and nervous system arousal, living in PVB can lift your mood.

Ponte Vedra is home to one of Florida’s fastest growing golf-cart communities at Nocatee. Nocatee is a Timucuan name meaning "peaceful river." The town center is located just minutes from the Intracoastal, golf courses, business parks and major airports, as well as downtown Jacksonville and St. Augustine. 

All Nocatee residences are located within a couple of miles from easy beach access at Mickler's Landing.

Nocatee is one of the best-selling master planned communities in America and caters to families looking to live their best lives with good education, family entertainment, worship, and community events close by. Serenata Beach Club is a full service, private beach club experience that blends casual comforts with a coastal lifestyle that redefines spending a day at the beach.

The community blends a variety of neighborhoods with top-rated schools, fun parks, exciting recreation, professional offices, boutique shopping, and popular restaurants. Nocatee Splash Water Park is available to Nocatee residents and their accompanied guests only. Just climb to the top of the slide tower for a panoramic view of Nocatee and catch a thrilling ride down the twisting Rip Tide Slides. 

For both Ponte Vedra Beach and Ponte Vedra communities, their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Florida’s First Coast helps to moderate local temperatures, making your new home a beneficial place to live year-round. Not only do beaches offer a tranquil setting for outdoor activities; they also offer enhanced air quality. Daily breezes off the ocean bring refreshing, clean bursts of air that can be helpful for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. 

Benefits of Buying a Home Close to the Coast

As it turns out, living near the ocean may even help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life. 2,500 years ago the Ancient Greeks taught others about the healing powers of the sea. They used sea water to heal and treat skin conditions like eczema, arthritis of the joints, asthma, and back pain. Hippocrates wrote about sea water’s ability to heal wounds, prevent infections and ease pain. In addition, the negative ions in a sea breeze is thought to provide a mood-boosting effect.

Here's a few of the reasons why living at Ponte Vedra Beach could be good for you and your family too:

  1. Clean Air – As already mentioned, sea breezes that come off the water bring a refreshing flow of clean air. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, ocean air improves lung function, thins mucus, and reduces coughing in individuals with lung disease or breathing issues. That’s because oxygen atoms from the ocean have an extra ion. Strolling the peaceful surf and beautiful beaches reguventates and refreshes the soul; and provides for ideal sunrises or evenings with loved ones. 

  2. Mental Boost – Research suggests people who live in coastal areas are typically happier than those who don’t. Negative ions in the air that are generated by the ocean are believed beneficial for overall psychological health, well-being, and productivity. Studies also suggest that beach life naturally lowers the production of stress hormones.

  3. Reversing the Blues – It’s seemingly a bit ironic, but even looking at the ocean is said to alter the frequency of brain waves to induce a mild meditative state from the sight of blue hues off the ocean. Moreover, listening to the sound of waves is a proven way of activating the parasympathetic nervous system which makes you feel more relaxed.

  4. Soaking Up Rays – During the 1920s, scientists discovered the effects of Vitamin D during a worldwide search for preventing a painful childhood bone disease, called rickets. Soaking up sunrays creates a prohormone that is synthesized by the body. Sunrays penetrate the skin and spike the body’s production of both Vitamin D and serotonin.

  5. More Fun Activities – Beach walks actually burn more calories than walking on paved surfaces and sand puts much less stress on the body’s joints. Walking on the beach is ideal for those with pain in their knees, back, and hips. Moreover, beach life encourages an array of activities like surfing, golfing, jet skiing, pickleball, and even deep-sea diving. 

Studies show that people who live near the beach are often less stressed and live happier lives. Residing comfortably in nature can lower your blood pressure and reduce your body’s release of stress hormones that can lead to insomnia and weight gain. The good news is there are plenty of hidden gems in Ponte Vedra Beach for homebuyers that offer lots of lifestyle options and great choices for the entire family.


Living in Ponte Vedra Beach has many benefits for couples. It's easy to spend a weekend at some of the finest oceanfront hotels and restaurants, or catch one of the best sunrises on all the East Coast. For families, there's many things to do that won't break the bank and will keep the kids and parents having fun. From paddle boarding to jet-ski and boat rentals, an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon is to make plans that involve the ocean or intercoastal

Living in Ponte Vedra Beach provides a level of lifestyle hard to find in other coastal towns. The brand Salt Life was founded in the area, and the lifestyle is laid back and relaxed with lots of beach, surfing, and fishing related fashion.  

Two of the best ways to spend a weekend for any special occasion are the Five Diamond award winning Ponte Vedra Inn & Club and Serenata Beach Club, which is popular with residents. These two ocean front resorts attract people from all over the country, business travelers, and locals. Serenata Beach Club is a popular private beach club in south Ponte Vedra Beach that offers oceanside events, private beach access, and an oceanfront bar with fine dining so you can vacation close to home. 

Ponte Vedra Beach is minutes away from Nocatee, located on the other side of the intercoastal, and St. Augustine, the nation's oldest city which is also located in St. Johns County. Between Ponte Vedra Beach, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine, locals and visitors alike have access to some of the most pristine beaches, best fishing, finest dining, top sporting events, Fortune 500 headquartered companies, and local festivals around. 

St. Johns County

Ponte Vedra Beach is located in the coastal region (the East side of the intercostal) in St. Johns County. St. Johns County is the #1 school district in all of Florida and has some of the best educational programs and extracurricular activities for kids; along with wonderful career opportunities for teachers and adults. The Bolles School, the state's premier private college predatory day and boarding school, has a campus in Ponte Vedra Beach conveniently serving the coastal area. The Bolles School is nationally known for producing leaders in business, acedamia, and many olympians


Of the many fine dining options in Ponte Vedra Beach, Nineteen, Medure, and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse are go-to's for an exquisite meal. Flush with elegant culinary options from seafood to prime steaks, chicken and specialty cocktails, there are many options to choose from after you're done having fun on the links at TPC. If you've spent the day at Mickler's Landing enjoying the ocean and sunshine, there's plenty of casual options, such as Eleven South BistroPalm Valley Fish Camp, and Valley Smoke, where you can come-as-you-are and have a good time overlooking the intercoastal. 


Ponte Vedra Housing Market

The market currently favors sellers, meaning prices are still high and getting higher. Due to the coastal region, luxurious living amenities, the average home sales price is way above the national average.

The Median Home Price Compared to a Year Ago:

$850,000 (+11%)

Beds           June 2022       June 2023         %
1 Bedroom       $205K              $245K       +19.5%          
2 Bedroom       $300K              $331K       +10.3%
3 Bedroom       $610K              $726K       +19.0%
4 Bedroom       $1.2M.             $1.3M       +8.0%
5 Bedroom       $1.6M              $1.8M       +8.7%

Number of Homes Sold:

May 2022       June 2023         %
       77                  71            -7.8%

Asking Price vs. Sold Price
40 under asking price
15 at asking price
7 over asking price

Average Home Sale Time:

June 2022       June 2023         %
      33                    70            +108.7%

Homes For Sale:

June 2022    June 2023       %
       309              307         -0.6%

Homes for sale by bedroom count:

Beds           May 2022       June 2023       %
1 Bedroom         16                  14          -12.5%          
2 Bedroom         36                  39          +8.3%
3 Bedroom        105                 94          -10.5%
4 Bedroom         73                  77          +5.5%
5 Bedroom         79                  83          +5.1%


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