Luxurious Living In Fernandina Beach, Florida

May 4, 2023

Luxurious Living In Fernandina Beach, Florida

Northern Florida's Luxurious Secret, Fernandina Beach

On the northern most part of Florida’s East Coast, just before the Florida/Georgia line, you’ll find the city of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. Part of the Sea Island Chain, this barrier island is easy to get to but hard to forget. Named after King George II’s princess daughter, Amelia, the Isle of Eight Flags, as it’s affectionately known due to eight countries claiming dominion over the island, has a spectacular coastline and naturally preserved habitats that wild horses still roam. With a population of about 12,500, Fernandina Beach, which is located in Nassau County, is one of the best places to live in all of Florida. With a wide range of luxury hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton and Amelia Island Omni Resort, and seafood fare and fine dining, this quiet, yet somewhat unknown little town attracts yearly visitors from all over and is a favorite vacation destination for executives in New York City. 

Living in Fernandina Beach gives residents a quality of life they can’t find anywhere else.
There are lots of parks, activities, events, festivals, sport activities, highly rated schools, a strong, thriving economy, and diverse and affordable housing options. With Jacksonville, Florida being about 30 miles away, lots of residents commute on I-95 every day to nearby cities for work, then escape back to Amelia Island when they’re off. And even though they’re close in distance, Jacksonville and Amelia Island are worlds apart. For families, there’s golden-hued sands with guided horseback tours along the Atlantic Ocean, and many other gentle recreation and historical exploration spots to make unforgettable memories with.


Downtown Fernandina Beach 
The charm of downtown Fernandina Beach simply can’t be overstated. The area is brimming with local shops, coffee houses, restaurants, Victorian-style architecture, a weekly farmers market, and fascinating historical sites, making it an unexpectedly lively and fun destination. With 50 blocks to explore and over 400 structures listed on the national register of historic places, downtown, Fernandina Beach has a distinct charm reminiscent of cities like Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA from years ago. The area is easily accessible on foot with free street parking available although it can be a bit tricky to find a spot during busy summer weekends. Visiting around April or October should make for the best experience.

The heart of the downtown area is Centre Street, which serves as a hub for a plethora of unique shops, restaurants in historical buildings. Whether you’re in the mood for locally sourced, seafood or international cuisine, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds. With inviting patio spaces and fine dining establishments, there’s something for everyone in historic downtown Fernandina Beach.

Why Florida in the first place? 

ICYMI: here’s a quick recap of why you should consider moving to Florida to begin with: 

  • The Weather
    You get up to 300 sunny days every year. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing.

  • No State Income Tax & Homestead Exemption
    Less taxes means you get to keep more of your money to do whatever you want with. 

  • The Beach
    The undeniable allure of Florida are some of the finest beaches in the country. About 1,000 people move to Florida every day.

  • The Florida Lifestyle
    Shorts, flip flops, sun dresses, sunglasses, beach cruisers, beach days, relaxing poolside in the free state of Florida. 

  • Stuff To Do
    With unrestrictive COVID policies that preserved individual and religious freedoms, there’s always something to do in Florida, especially on or near the water.

  • Affordable Housing & Living
    Believe it or not, Florida ranks very well nationally for affordable housing and living.

  • Florida Businesses
    The business of Florida is business, and one of the best states for a rewarding career. 

The Adventurous Amelia Island History & Enjoyable Lifestyle

Amelia Island is a quintessential Florida destination. As the crown jewel of Florida coastal islands, Amelia Island brings to life the Sunshine State’s seemingly limitless opportunities for family fun, fine dining, a romantic getaway, and memory making entertainment. Voted a top-10 “Best Islands in the Continental United States” four years in a row by Travel+Leisure Magazine readers, Amelia Island is a top destination for an unforgettable island getaway. People from all over the country are visiting, falling in love, and returning year after year or making it their forever home. No matter the season, the time of year, or time of day, the island’s pristine beaches and small-town charm is certain to give you a joy filled and peaceful time of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Just a short 5-6 hour drive from Atlanta, Amelia Island is an amazing place to have a quick weekend vacation, or a staycation if you live here year round. Like so many who have read or heard about the prestigious annual travel awards the island has consecutively been awarded, experiencing the island’s sight, sounds, tastes, and flair doesn’t disappoint. As home to the birthplace of America’s modern shrimping industry, Amelia Island throws one of the best shrimp festivals every year attracting people from all over who want to enjoy the best shrimp and seafood in Florida. Combined with Mayport, Florida, most of the shrimp on the East Coast come from these two little fishing and shrimping towns. Forrest Gump would be so jelly.

Living in one of the South’s prettiest towns, as listed by Southern Living, is nice, warm, and relaxing as the island gives off major Old Florida vibes of peacefulness and charm.
Amelia Island is peak Florida living; the looks, the sights, sounds and feelings you get immersing yourself in the town’s culture leaves you wanting more. Parts of scenic downtown Fernandina Beach seem to look and still feel like they’re stuck in time in this enchanting Victorian seaport village. With places like The Palace Saloon, the oldest bar in Florida, this bucket list town has so much history to offer we can’t cover it all. Pirates, brothels, and casinos once lined the streets; and if the Wild West had a coastal town, old Fernandina Beach would have been it. Although much friendlier nowadays, the unique localized barrier island with 13 miles of sandy beaches was once ruled by outlaws, bandits, bootleggers, moonshiners, and pirates. And with such an adventurous history, fun for families, friends, and couples is right around the corner.

Living in Fernandina Beach has its perks and benefits.
One major advantage is the Florida weather, and although in the northernmost part of the state, it still offers warm sunny days and enjoyable cool nights during the winter. The casual lifestyle is ideal for retirees and families alike as Amelia Island has top-rated schools and golf courses, in addition to beaches to explore, horses to ride, jazz festivals to dance at, and the Victorian makeover of downtown during Christmas time. There’s also Cumberland Island, a close barrier island that was never developed, wild horses, and whose beaches and maritime forest are protected by the National Park Service.

While there are affordable rentals available, most of the town’s 12,697 residents own their own homes. Located in Nassau County, there are a lot of parks on the island and the town is very popular with retirees seeking a warmer climate to enjoy retirement in. In addition to the good food and Southern hospitality, residents have access to plenty of job opportunities, close proximity to Jacksonville–a major city, low crime rates, and vibrant retirement communities. Youth sports, churches, community events, parents groups, veterans, and other community groups attract like minded people who care about their community and want to preserve a way of life for the next generation.

Residents and visitors alike come year round for the warm Florida weather and sunshine that peaks in the summer and cools in the winter, making for fun days at the beach and enjoyable outings at night. Spring and Fall are the busiest times of year for tourists as they mingle with locals who know where the hot spots are for the best the city has to offer. The city overall has a slow pace and relaxed feel to it. The locals are warm and inviting, eager to share experiences with visitors; and the place hasn’t been overrun by tourism like some of the larger Florida metro-areas have been. Again, there’s few people who know about Amelia Island, but for those who experience the character of the city, they always leave impressed, wanting to return again soon.

The Beach & Coastal Climate


Of the many outdoor activities available, the 13 miles of sandy beaches is undeniably the main allure of Amelia Island. Visitors come from all over to stroll some of the most pristine beaches and preserved nature areas in all of Florida. There’s plenty of lodging options to choose from, such as The Ritz-Carlton which was voted a top-10 “Best Resorts in Florida” by Travel+Leisure magazine readers. And for the experience of a lifetime, take a guided horseback ride along the beach at sunrise or sunset that is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Amelia Island is found at the very bottom of the Sea Islands, an Atlantic coast island chain that stretches from South Carolina to the northernmost part of Florida’s East Coast. Thirteen miles long and four miles wide and its widest point, this naturally stunning area has maritime forests, natural vegetation, abundant wildlife, savannas and sweeping dunes along abundant waterways making it feel a world away from the busier, bustling cities. Like so many others along the Atlantic coast, Amelia Island has a warm climate in which seabreezes keep temperatures moderate throughout the year. Summer highs are 90 degrees and around 65 in the winter. Average low temperatures are in the mid-40’s.

The Fernandina Beach Lifestyle

Driving onto Amelia Island is a wonderful experience as views of the intercoastal and Atlantic Ocean fill your eyes. Your senses come to life with the sensation of leaving the city and escaping to an island paradise with rich natural palm trees, oak trees, palmetto bushes and other signs of the beach. You begin to sense the ocean is near, you see fishermen casting lines, kayakers and paddle boarders enjoying the warm water; and families picnicking and playing on dunes as cars line the parking spots. The casual, laid back lifestyle is supported by plenty of parks, downtown Fernandina Beach shopping, holiday and special events, seasonal things to do, and all the fashionable beachwear you can browse. 

Residents enjoy mornings playing pickleball, golf, tennis, or strolling on the beach watching the sunrise; then brunch with the company of close friends and family. For retirees living on the island, it’s always a fun time to have family come in and visit; and with lots of fun activities for kids and adults alike, the fun never ends on Amelia Island. At Christmas time, downtown Fernandina Beach comes to life as each independent shop is lit up with Christmas decorations. And, if you wear your Christmas pajamas, you get a discount on everything; so, you’ll see a bunch of families walking around in their holiday pj’s. 

Wanting fine dining? You don’t have to leave the island. Want a quick bite to eat? Again, don’t have to leave the island. Looking for a good church to worship at? It’s on Amelia Island, as are services of every kind from health care to beauty salons, to schools, and adult and community gatherings to attend. Just about everything you need is on Amelia Island, including hotels for family and friends to stay in when visiting, retail therapy, outstanding career opportunities, romantic spots for date nights, sports, and unbeatable leisure activities that draw people from all over to the feeling of being on permanent vacation.

Awards & Accolades
Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach have won numerous awards, listings, rankings, and accolades: 

Events & Festivals 

Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival
Without a doubt, the area's flagship festival is the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. As the birthplace of America’s modern shrimping industry, it’s no wonder Fernandina Beach is known for a good time, good people, and amazing seafood punctuated by the wide variety of shrimp to try. Kicking off May 4, the annual parade begins at Central Park and officially ushers in the Shrimp Festival with family friendly entertainment available for everyone, young and old alike. The event showcases local businesses, schools, and community organizations as people make their way along Centre Street, a shopper's paradise, in historic downtown Fernandina Beach.

Fernandina Beach’s free-to-attend signature event features an array of activities for the entire family in addition to boatloads of fresh seafood and all kinds of shrimp dishes prepared by local businesses and civic organizations. With over 75 booths featuring antiques, collectibles and more than 300 award-winning artists and craftspeople, everyone can be entertained. There’s also live music on two stages, contests for the kids, Pirates to play with, and a boat parade to watch from the marina as colorfully decorated shrimp boats go by on Amelia River. 

Shrimp Drop
In this annual tradition, locals and visitors gather along Front street in downtown Fernandina Beach and watch a giant shrimp covered in lights fall from the sky to celebrate the New Year! 

Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival
Watch and listen as world-famous premier musicians, renowned vocalists, and virtuosos across multiple genres take the stage for an exquisite chamber music performance and experience.

Amelia Island Restaurant Week
Feast on Amelia Island’s award-winning and irresistible restaurants with special events and prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner during the 15th Annual Restaurant Week, January 20 - 29, 2023.

Amelia Island Book Festival
Come celebrate the joy of reading, written word and poem kicked off by the author gala on February 17, 2023, and the Author’s Expo & Readers’ Extravaganza February 18, 2023. 

Amelia Island Concours Week
Come see some of the most collectable cars in the world in one of Florida’s premier car shows. This annual celebration for car lovers is headlined by The Amelia - Concours d’Elegance and includes events and auctions for the true “aficionauto!” March 2-5, 2023.

Dining & Entertainment

The smell and feel of the ocean and fine dining is magnified by the stimulating entertainment all over the island. This fun yet peaceful atmosphere is what draws people from everywhere allowing them to kick back and relax with no shortage of things to do and food to taste! Wether you want to dress down, or go in the typical Florida attire–shorts, flip-flops, t-shirt and sunglasses–or eat gourmet food or a quick snack, you can literally do it all here. With more than 90 independent restaurants to savor, and a growing number of fresh, local, farm-to-table options, these resident all-star chefs deliver the best there is. 

Check this site out for a complete list of all the delicious dining and entertainment options on Amelia Island!

Having immediate access to the bounty of the Atlantic and local area waterways, diners enjoy many fresh-from-the-boat seafood in addition to other options, such as outstanding pizza places, steakhouses, continental cuisines, bakeries, organic eateries, juice bars, and many more; including: 

Parkway Grill
Fresh baked goods and a complete breakfast menu. Deli sandwiches, burgers, and homemade soups & salads for lunch. 

Amelia To-Go
Want to eat out without going out? Amelia to-go delivers take-out from most of the restaurants on Amelia Island to any location on the island.  

The Crab Trap
Locally owned and operated for decades, this locals favorite spot serves fresh seafood, hand-cut steaks, and craft cocktails in the historic Seydel Building on 2nd Street in the heart of downtown Fernandina Beach. 

Hammerhead Beach Bar
For those who want to cut loose and not care about it, there’s a party on the Hammerhead Beach Bar deck overlooking the Atlantic ocean 365 days a year!

The Palace Saloon
This look and feel of this place is just right when you walk in. You can feel the history of it being Florida’s oldest bar since 1903. Having some of the busiest docks in the south over a century ago, The Palace Saloon welcomes ships from the far corners of the globe and became known as the “Shipcaptain's Bar.”

The Gold Club at Amelia Island
Dine on homemade American fare with an upscale, Southwestern flair prepared by classically trained French chef Ed Bennett, overlooking the majestic fairway.

Amelia Island Williams House
Awarded the distinction of a Historical Landmark, this elegant bed and breakfast is situated in a quiet neighborhood of beautiful Victorian homes and features a stunning, exquisite design.  

The River Cafe at Amelia River Golf Club
Open to the public seven days a week from 10:30 - 3, full bar open until 5:30 with great food special at affordable prices, and a covered patio. 

Natural Slice
Found in The Shops at Omni Amelia Island, this family-friendly, surf-inspired pizza restaurant and shop has a myriad of fresh ingredients on hand-tossed pizza dough.

Brett's Waterway Cafe
Feast on creative land or seafood selections in a casual dining atmosphere overlooking the Fernandina Harbor and marine on the Amelia River.

Mocama Coffee
An extension of Mocama Beer Company, Mocama Coffee offers an exceptional coffee service without any unnecessary complexity. 

The Surf Restaurant & Bar
Whether you’re looking for a light fare or a full course meal, The Surf Restaurant & Bar provides good food and good times in a casual beach atmosphere.

Amelia Island Shopping

Amelia Island is of course known for scenic beaches, sunrises and sunsets along with lush natural vegetation, but did you know about the island’s eclectic retail therapy? These local independent shops have brought out the most ardent and passionate shoppers to the island for the ultimate shopping escape and experience. Grab your bestie and see a place where you can stroll the local farmers market for the freshest produce and crafts as you live in the lap of retail luxury! 

Be sure to check out The Shops at Amelia Island Plantation, Palmetto Walk Shopping Village, and downtown Fernandina Beach for one of the area’s most popular shopping destinations. Along with several galleries that offer one-of-a-kind gifts, browse the latest fashions, antiques, art, unique jewelry, surf shops, florists, toy shops, and furniture and home decor stores. No better day is spent than on Amelia Island in a day of shopping indulgence and dining decadence!

Click here for a complete list of shops.

Cumberland Island 

If you want to get away from it all, spend a weekend, or, even better, a few week days when there’s nobody there, at Cumberland Island. You have to take a ferry to get to this serene and breathtaking destination for nature lovers where you can see wild horses galloping on secluded, white sandy beaches, naturally preserved from development. Home to lush forests, pristine beaches, and a variety of wildlife, Cumberland Island is a must-visit location for anyone seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With the island’s natural beauty as its main attraction, visitors can spend hours exploring the 18 miles of unspoiled beaches, sand dunes, and salt marshes.

Many visitors also enjoy hiking or biking along the island’s miles of scenic trails, which lead to historic ruins, freshwater lakes, and the island’s famous wild horses. Cumberland Island is also a popular destination for camping, with several campsites available for overnight stays. These campsites offer a unique opportunity to experience the island’s natural beauty, outdoors, with the sounds of the ocean and the rustling of the trees providing a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. Overall, Cumberland Island is a stunning and tranquil destination that offers a unique glimpse into the area’s natural beauty and wonder.


Expansive tidal estuaries and salt marshes are protected on the island’s west side and from the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Freshwater sloughs, dense oaks, pine forests, and long sand dune ridges provide for plant and animal communities of all kinds. With thoughtful oversight and care, over half of Cumberland Island is protected wilderness encompassing many miles of trails providing excellent access to scenic hikes and walks under the live oak trees.


On the island is the Dungeness Ruins, which were originally the home of Thomas Carnegie, Dale Carnegie’s brother, and his wife, Lucy, who owned over 90% of the island. In 1925 the Carnegies moved out of the massive 59 room mansion, and it burned down in 1959 allegedly by arson. And although the destruction ruined one of the great American mansions built by one of the great industrialists of the Gilded Age, the ruins make for a fun day of exploring and taking pictures.  

Without a doubt, though, the wild horses of Cumberland Island are a sight to behold! Watching these majestic animals roam free in their natural habitat is like nothing you’ve ever seen.


Stay On Cumberland Island At The Greyfield Inn

The only commercial business on the island is the historic Greyfield Inn. This 19th century retreat built by Thomas and Lucy Carnegie in 1890 for their daughter, Margaret Ricketson, was converted into an inn in 1962 by Margaret’s daughter, Lucy R. Ferguson, and her family. The Carnegie family oversees the inn to this day and has gone to great lengths to preserve the romance and luxury of a grand hotel with the hospitality and charm, elegance and style of a family home. 


The Inn’s private setting boasts 200 acres of unspoiled land spanning the Atlantic Ocean on the east and marshland on the west. Guests fill their adventurous days birding, biking, hiking, kayaking, walking, fishing, swimming, enjoying the majesty of the Atlantic, wild horse watching, observing wildlife, and strolling along the immaculate white sandy beaches. This untouched, undeveloped, and nearly isolated beachfront island has 300-year old live oaks draped with Spanish moss, crushed shell paths, and an abundance of wildlife frozen in time, untouched by the outside world. As the sole commercial establishment on Cumberland Island, the Greyfield Inn gives guests an unprecedented opportunity to connect with nature in its most pristine state, while they feast on an all-inclusive fair for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.

Retirement Living 

The Boston Globe said, “Living is easy on Amelia Island”, and they couldn’t be more right. Retirees who value the best of life in their prime years have come and experienced first-hand the small town charm, easy access to services, well-priced housing options, and activities to keep you entertained year-round. Residents enjoy easy access to some of the best medical care options around, including the Baptist Medical Center Nassau, which is part of the area-wide Baptist Health System, providing a complete range of in- and out-patient services. And not too far away in Jacksonville is the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, which treated President Gerald Ford when he was traveling in Florida.

Retirement Communities
Amelia Island is attracting a lot of people from all over the country, and the island has amenities, services, and communities suiting retirement years well. In addition to the wide range of housing options well-suited for residents in their prime years, such as single family homes, condos, townhomes, and others, there’s Osprey Village at Amelia Island Plantation

Osprey Village is Fernandina Beach’s premier retirement community, catering to the golden years with a range of exceptional amenities and a range of services for independent living, from assisted living to memory care. Residents enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life with a variety of high-end living options. Community members gain automatic access to daily social events, an award-winning wellness program at the multi-million dollar wellness center, and fill their days golfing, playing tennis, along with other social events. The purpose of Osprey Village is to promote healthy aging in the peaceful, luxurious environment.

If it’s in Florida and it’s near an award-winning retirement community and healthcare system, then you’re certain to find really good golf courses not too far away. Golfing and the relaxing Florida weather go hand-in-hand. Called a “golfer’s paradise”, Amelia Island has a variety of courses with breathtaking coastal scenery, expert designs woven through natural landscapes, natural vegetation, savannas, dunes and natural wildlife. These elegantly designed courses, rich in history and natural beauty, offer world-class golf for every skill level.

Although it’s hard to compete with the beach, golf might give it a run for its money with some people checking out the fairways and luscious greens along the coast and waterways for the first time. As an internationally known golf destination, Amelia Island is listed as a “Top 121 Golf Resort In the World” by Conde Nast Traveler, and includes the Pete Dye-designed Oak Marsh course and the Long Point course designed by Tom Fazio. Tee off in the morning on a championship-level course, browse the golf clubs, and enjoy fine dining on a day at the links.

Affordable Housing & Living

The housing market on Amelia Island is growing as many people are relocating to the affordable, coastal island. With multiple, active home builders in the area, you’re certain to find a property type and home style you love that serves your family’s needs well. There’s all different types of homes to choose from and the affordable cost of living makes raising a family or retiring in Fernandina Beach ideal. Whether you dream about a condo with an unbeatable view, or a home for your family with a pool, perhaps, you can find any home you desire on Amelia Island.

The housing market in Fernandina Beach is neutral, favoring neither buyers nor sellers.
You could say this is good for buyers as the market no longer heavily favors sellers. For retirees, buying a home in Fernandina Beach is a great way to have a strong, appreciating asset to leave behind to loved ones. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it in the wide selection available on the island. From single family homes to condo and townhomes with proximity to the beach or downtown Fernandina Beach, you’re sure to find the perfect home for you and your family.



The Median Home Price Compared to a Year Ago:

$590,000 (+20.7%)

Beds           March 2022       March 2023         %
1 Bedroom       NA                      NA               NA            
2 Bedroom       $397.5K              $435K        +9.4%
3 Bedroom       $475K                 $599.9K    +26.3%
4 Bedroom       $565K                 $619K        +9.6%
5 Bedroom       $820.4K              $636K        -22.5%

Number of Homes Sold:

March 2022       March 2023         %
65                      42                 -35.4%

Asking Price vs. Sold Price 
26 under asking price
12 at asking price
4 over asking price

Average Home Sale Time

March 2022       March 2023         %
21                      48                   +124.3%

Homes For Sale:

February 2022    March 2023       %
272                   259          -4.8%

Beds           February 2022       March 2023         %
1 Bedroom             3                           3                0%           
2 Bedroom            23                          27        +17.4%
3 Bedroom           123                        117          -4.9%
4 Bedroom            89                          84           -5.6%
5 Bedroom            34                          28          -17.6%

Home buyers have a great selection to choose from on the island; the housing market is robust, and there are many local mortgage companies eager to serve local buyers with affordable, low-rate mortgages.

Schools & Sports For Kids

As Florida has some of the finest beaches, which are great places to raise kids, it also has some of the best school districts in the county; and Nassau County is up there with the best of them. From youth sports leagues to after school activities, clubs, groups, and associations, Nassau County public school district is consistently recognized as one of the best school districts in the state. This A-rated district has 15 fully accredited schools and was one of the first three districts in Florida to have all of their schools accredited.

A Business Friendly State

With over 20 million residents of all types, Florida is one of the top states for businesses, large and small. By making living in Florida so enjoyable, with no income taxes and less than 1% property tax rate, Florida is a great place to have a successful, rewarding career. With tax advantages, access to capital from a large angel investor network, a strong talent base to recruit from, and growing tech hubs like Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville, the Sunshine State is on the move. 

With a small 5.5% corporate tax rate, and no payroll tax, and access to top talent from many universities, some of the largest corporations and hedge funds in the world are headquartered in Florida. The Sunshine state does not tax limited partnerships or LLCs, and provides favorable exemptions for clean energy operations. This alluring business environment is causing Florida to have one of the country’s biggest, resilient, and growing economies. 

Florida is also a great place for entrepreneurs to start a business, especially fintech start-ups, that have made Miami and Tampa popular.  Florida has some of the largest employers you’ll ever find with a GDP that’s estimated to be equal to Mexico’s. Top industries include information technology, aviation, clean tech, financial services, hedge funds, manufacturing, distribution and boasts some of the top Chamber of Commerce organizations in America. 

No State Income Tax & No Retirement Benefits Tax 
If you’re leaving a high-tax state, living in Florida can offer some instant financial benefits. The state constitution expressly prohibits any individual income tax, resulting in a net positive for your wallet. There’s a reason Florida is a top destination for retirees, and has entire master planned communities that cater to the ideal lifestyle. Retirees love Florida due to the zero income tax that applies to retirement income, including Social Security benefits. Florida cities like Pensacola, Port St. Lucie, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Daytona Beach are ideally suited for retirees thanks to their inviting community spirit. 

Property Tax Exemptions 
When you buy a home in Florida, and declare it as your primary residence, Florida gives you two property tax benefits, the Homestead Exemption and “Save Our Home”. The Homestead Exemption lets you qualify for up to $50,000 in tax exemptions by decreasing the taxable value of your home. And the “Save Our Home” cap helps limit the annual increases to the assessed value of your property to 3% or the change in the Consumer Price Index, whichever is lowest. These two tax benefits are of high value as inflation drives prices upward. 

No Estate Tax
An additional tax benefit is that there is no estate or “death tax” charged on the transfer of the estate or any assets of a person who dies. This is a big benefit to the loved ones inheriting the estate by shielding them from an additional tax burden.

It’s clearly obvious why Florida is growing! From the sunshine and the economy, to a lifestyle unmatched anywhere else in the country, Florida has something for everyone! 

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