Mayday!! Mayday!! Mayday Ice Cream Coming To Nocatee

July 28, 2023

Mayday!! Mayday!! Mayday Ice Cream Coming To Nocatee

What do ice cream and refinancing into a low rate have in common?

They're both verrry cool and Mayday, the popular Florida-based ice cream chain, is opening a new location in the heart of Nocatee town center. 

What better way to spend a hot afternoon or evening in Florida than eating ice cream! For Nocatee residents, a new ice cream parlor that is already well-known in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and the rest of Florida, is coming to town center. And for us Nocatee locals, there’s nothing better than a cool treat and letting the kids play at The Link while the parents relax at Timoti's or Treylor Park.

Rumored to be the kind of ice cream that Forest Gump offered Lieutenant Dan when they were rehabbing battle wounds, Mayday, the popular ice cream shop honoring the flyboys who flew bombers in World War II is opening a location in Nocatee town center in a few months. This friendly ice cream shop was started in Florida and has grown to 13 locations, 12 in Florida and one in Jackson, Mississippi. The new shop will open in between Dick’s Wings and Luxury Nail Spa right next to Publix, and is certain to have a line when open as Mayday’s reputation for great frozen treats precedes itself. 

As soon as you walk into a Maydays, you know instantly where you are. The sweet smell of waffle cones baking and ice cream instantly fill your senses. The staff at Maydays is always warm and welcoming, greeting everyone with a smile and eager to serve and delight customers. The price point for a cup, cone or sundae is very reasonable; and the reason Maydays has such as great reputation is because of how great their ice cream tastes! Many families, including our own, parents and children, are big fans of Mayday and frequent the place a lot. 

A Family Friendly Environment 

The Nocatee community is made up of a lot of families. From the many parks, pools, baseball, football, lacrosse, and soccer fields to choose from, there's also many other activities to engage in like dance and ballet. The Link has blocks for kids to play on, and Timoti's Seafood Shack has an outdoor old wooden ship and picnic tables for families to enjoy. 

Mayday will be a welcome addition to Ben & Jerry’s, which tastes the same as the cartons you can easily get at Publix on the ice cream aisle. With a passionate focus on the best-tasting, handcrafted ice cream made right in Florida, along with homemade waffle cones and homemade sprinkles to top it off with, Mayday’s welcoming little shops are ideal for those who simply want to enjoy some ice cream without the poorly maintained facilities, unfriendly staff and social controversy thrown in your face.

A company whose mission is quality, handcrafted ice cream that honors the bravery and heroism of the Greatest Generation will be warmly accepted in the Nocatee community. Some of the best childhood memories revolve around getting ice cream on a hot summer day or evening; or a treat for doing well in school, a game, or birthday. No matter who you are, Mayday has some ice cream you're going to absolutely love! 

The Best Ice Cream Delivered To Your Home

Through it's third-party delivery services, Mayday also delivers from seven of their locations in case of an "ice cream emergencies", according to their website. This, along with Mayday's superior taste and quality, is a much-appreciated advantage over the competition; and will certainly be used by Nocatee residents when home delivery starts. 

We are amateur ice cream experts: Since we live in Nocatee and have kids of all ages, we have taken them to Ben & Jerry’s and Mayday, everyone loves Mayday hands-down. The quality of Mayday’s ice cream is second to none and comes with an unbeatable wholesome experience the entire family can enjoy!

  • Vanilla is the most popular flavor.  
  • Chocolate syrup is the most popular ice cream topping.  
  • Americans eat more than 1.3 billion gallons of frozen dairy products ever year.  
  • It takes 12 pounds of whole mil to make one gallon of ice cream.  
  • George Washington loved ice cream and spent about $200 on it during the summer of 1790. That’s about $5,800 in today’s dollars.  
  • The first ice cream truck was started by Harry Burt in 1920. 
  • 81% of Americans like to share ice cream with family and friends. 

Classic Flavors

A rich and creamy caramelized sugar ice cream with flakes of Pink Himalayan sea salt  

Three times as delicious! made with a vanilla bean paste, fresh vanilla beans and vanilla extract 

A chocolate lover’s dream come true! Decadent chocolate ice cream packed full of melted chocolates and notes of roasted cocoa 

Sweet cream ice cream made with fresh mint, Andes chocolate mints, chocolate chips and crumbled grasshopper cookies  

Strawberry infused ice cream with freshly chopped juicy strawberries  

Creamy and salty peanut butter swirled ice cream with chunks of everyone’s favorite Oreo cookies 

A sweet and tart key lime base made with fresh zest and juice with toasted graham crackers folded in. This flavor speaks worlds about the beauty of Florida and the gems it holds   

Fresh bananas with Nilla wafers and a hint of cinnamon

Oreo icing mixed into our ice cream base and perfectly blended with crushed Oreo cookies 

Chocolate and hazelnut Nutella ice cream blended with chunks of Biscoff cookies and chopped hazelnuts 

Rich and chocolatey with brownie bits and cocoa nibs 

Blueberry compote with cinnamon toast crunch 

Uplifting coffee ice cream made with coffee from 1565 Artisan Coffee & chopped pieces of glazed donuts 

When life gives you lemons…make ice box lemon ice cream! Juiced and zested fresh lemons blended with a lemon infused ice cream  

Butter pecan’s younger brother! Buffalo Trace Bourbon soaked into ice cream with pieces of chopped, roasted pecans  

A deliciously light sweet and salty almond ice cream with flakes of sea salt and a homemade marshmallow fluff

Seasonal Flavors 

Vanilla ice cream stuffed with everyone’s favorite frosted animal crackers

Blackberries with bergamot and orange

Vanilla with graham crackers, chocolate chunks, marshmallows and a homemade chocolate swirl 

Boozy fresh watermelon

Fresh strawberry sorbet with mint  

A tasty, floral mixture of different lavenders

Bright and tangy passionfruit with turmeric  

Sweet mango with a lime twist 

Seabrook Village Model Homes Opening Soon

One of the most anticipated communities in Nocatee, Seabrook Village, will be celebrating the grand opening of with new model homes on August 19 & 29th. 

Ranging from 1,570 to 2,900 square feet and built by David Weekley Homes, Providence Homes, Riverside Homes and Toll Brothers, these new designer-decorated homes start in the high $400’s. As a part of Seabrook Park, the new community will feature a new pool, dog park, and playground ideally situated close to Nocatee Town Center, Pine Island Elementary, and Nease high school. 

Located in the healthiest and wealthiest county in all of Florida, St. Johns County, Nocatee is a highly sought after area to live. Many snowbirds and families move to Nocatee due to the business-friendly economy, excellent education and fun activities for families, couples, and retirees. 

Nocatee was ranked the #1 place to live in Florida by Newsweek, and it's not hard to see why. Over 1,000 people move to the state every day to enjoy to warm and welcoming, low tax, and laid-back, water rich Florida lifestyle 

Developed by the Parc Group, Nocatee is a wonderful place to live, work and play. All amenities are meticulously maintained. The pools are parks, pools and walking paths are bright and clean; and new shops and restaurants are always being added to town center. Located minutes away from Jacksonville, the beach, and St. Augustine, residents can access thriving arts centers, museums, luxurious homes for sale, career opportunities, NFL games, baseball games, boating activities, and the finest dining and entertainment.  

Arguably the best Italian restaurant in the area recently opened in Nocatee. Catullo's Italian Restaurant opened a few weeks ago and the buzz is already spreading through the community to those who didn't already know about the lines waiting to get in at their original location. 


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