Salty and Fun Flagler Beach, Florida

April 24, 2023

Salty and Fun Flagler Beach, Florida

Salty and Fun Flagler Beach, Florida

If you’ve spent any time in Florida, you know that some of the best spots are only known to the locals, and oftentimes, they’re easy to miss if you’re not watching out for them. Some of the best BBQ places, dive bars, sports bars, shops, salons, and restaurants are in nondescript buildings and hole-in-the-wall type places. In Florida, there’s one such place, so unknown, so hidden in plain sight, that most people drive right through it even though it was a finalist for America’s “Coolest small town”. And if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you’d easily miss. 

Ideally located along Florida’s east coast between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, lies the little coastal town of Flagler Beach. With about six miles of uninterrupted pristine sandy beaches that have an orange/reddish hue from all the crushed coquina shells, Flagler Beach has lots of fishing, waterfront restaurants, nature parks, and beachside shops. This little unknown beach town is the perfect destination to visit or call home, and is known for its unique, retro style, friendly people, and open-air dining experiences where everyone can enjoy a small town, coastal feeling.

With about 225 sunny days each year, Flagler Beach is a true, small beach town through and through; with sun and outdoor fun in its laid-back DNA. If you’ve never spent an afternoon on a restaurant’s rooftop deck overlooking the ocean and basking in the warm sun, you haven’t lived yet. In Flagler Beach, this is a typical Saturday afternoon, or Sunday brunch, with bottomless mimosas, great food, live music, and good friends. The beach is literally minutes and a few steps away from many of the oceanside places to eat in Flagler Beach. So, while others might miss it and drive right through it, you won’t regret stopping to check it out; or, never leaving once you have.

Why move to Florida in the first place? 

ICYMI: here’s a quick recap of why you should consider moving to Florida to begin with: 

  • The Weather
    You get up to 300 sunny days every year. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing.

  • No State Income Tax & Homestead Exemption
    Less taxes means you get to keep more of your money to do whatever you want with. 

  • The Beach
    The undeniable allure of Florida are some of the finest beaches in the country. About 1,000 people move to Florida every day.

  • The Florida Lifestyle
    Shorts, flip flops, sun dresses, sunglasses, beach cruisers, beach days, relaxing poolside in the free state of Florida. 

  • Stuff To Do
    With unrestrictive COVID policies that preserved individual and religious freedoms, there’s always something to do in Florida, especially on or near the water.

  • Affordable Housing & Living
    Believe it or not, Florida ranks very well nationally for affordable housing and living.

  • Florida Businesses
    The business of Florida is business, and one of the best states for a rewarding career. 

Why Flagler Beach? 

Conveniently located in the coastal area of Palm Coast, Flagler Beach is its own little place. It’s hard to describe, but if you can avoid going over the bridge (the intercoastal waterway) to Palm Coast, you do, and are just happy to stay at the beach. Lots of tourists just pass by on A1A and see Flagler Beach as a place you go through on the way to another, either Daytona Beach, St. Augustine or Jacksonville. But for those smart enough to stop and experience what this little coastal town has to offer, many end up falling in love with the place. 

People don’t move to Flagler Beach to go to school or pursue higher education, or some fancy career in a specialty field. Yes, you can find a good job in Flagler County and the nearby cities of Palm Coast, Bunnell, and Beverly Beach; and yes, Flagler Beach is a great place to raise a family. But you mainly move to Flagler Beach because of the laid-back, easy going and enjoyable lifestyle–meeting people who become friends for life along the way.

Flagler Beach Mission Statement


Let’s explore some reasons why people enjoy living in this quiet little coastal town, Flagler Beach, Florida!

The Beach

On the southern tip of Florida’s First Coast, the Florida weather in Flagler County provides the best temperatures and cool breezes for days spent playing, surfing or fishing at the beach. Flagler Beach has a natural red-tinted sand and natural rock formations going north that help stop beach erosion. Watching the water and sunlight cascade through the rocks is a sight to behold. While palm trees line the streets, the majestic Atlantic Ocean provides the perfect backdrop for cruising down A1A.

Flagler Beach is a popular destination for local surfers and those on East Coast safari, and catching a few waves, then hitting some good places to eat is a sought after day full of pleasure. Lot's of surfers come from Jacksonville to Flagler Beach to surf the pier. You’ll also see families enjoying a day at the beach, looking for seashells, building sandcastles, playing in the surf, and making memories. Locals love to fish the pier at Flagler Beach, and on a good day, reel in the big one. There’s horseback riding on the beach, exploring, climbing the natural rock formations, walking, running, yoga, picnics, sea turtle walks, and bonfires are allowed on the beach from November to May.

Spend a day at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanzas River, the natural beauty of the roses in the Formal Gardens and other exotic plants at Washington Oaks will leave you mesmerized. Famous for its natural coquina rock formations and tide pools that line the beach, it's easy to get lost in the experience so be sure to bring a picnic that way you can make a day of it.  


One of the most relaxing experiences is watching the sunrise over the ocean. No two sunrises are the same. You could watch the sunrise as much as you want and always get a new, peaceful experience you want to share with friends and family. The sunrise over Flagler Beach is simply too breathtaking to show only one picture of it. The clouds, water,  and season cause light to cascade through the morning mist, glistening off the water into something that never gets old. 



There’s many small, little out-of-the-way places to grab a bite to eat at, like Java Joint Beachside Grill where you can watch the sunrise with a great cup of coffee. The overall coastal breeze and ocean experience is the undeniable allure for this special little town's dining options. There’s lots of rooftop bars and places to eat, each with spectacular ocean views as far as you can see to the North, and as far as you can see to the South. Where a lot of places obstruct your view with other buildings, houses, or high-rise condominiums, Flagler Beach has the best rooftop decks to spend an entire afternoon dining, people watching, and gazing at the mighty Atlantic Ocean. 


One of our favorite places to eat and relax is Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill, which has an amazing ocean view, great food, friendly service, and an overall great experience.

Top restaurants in Flagler Beach:

Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop

Vessel Sandwich Co. 

The Waffle Cone

The Golden Lion Cafe

Java Joint Beachside Grill

Pompano's 6th Street Deli

Faro Beachside Eatery

Dominic's Deli & Eatery


Turtle Shack Cafe

Flagler Fish Company

Break Awayz

High Tides at Snack Jack


If you want to do some retail therapy, there’s no better place to do that than a six-block area in downtown Flagler Beach. Located along Central Avenue, this eclectic area bursts with charm from the independently owned specialty stores and boutiques. The beachy ambiance from the shops in this old beach town will give you a peaceful, enjoyable day browsing, hanging out with friends, and eating at one of the many great spots among the shops. 



The goal of anyone in Flagler Beach is to avoid going over the bridge. Palm Coast is a dreadful place you want to avoid at all costs. These shops are local to Flagler Beach and won't make you go over the bridge to get there:

Affordable Housing

The housing market in Flagler Beach is starting to favor home buyers. If you’re looking to live the beach lifestyle without breaking the bank, Flagler Beach is the place for you. This coastal town is the local’s secret for putting down permanent roots and making your dollar go further. There are all types of houses, condos, and townhomes available, along with multi-unit properties for investors wanting to have some rental income subsidize their mortgage payments. It’s easy to pick up a rental property here, find a great tenant, and have a self-sustaining asset that appreciates well in Flagler Beach. 

Throughout the years, the Flagler County real estate market has been resilient due to the high demand for all affordable coastal things. Flagler Beach has also been ranked one of the top places to retire in Florida with popular events and activities including pickleball, tennis, and golf courses nearby.

The Median Home Price Compared to a Year Ago:

$510,000 (+19.1%)

Beds           March 2022       March 2023         %
1 Bedroom       $226K                 $267K       +18.1%           
2 Bedroom       $354.5K              $360.4K      +1.7%
3 Bedroom       $525K                 $657K       +25.1%
4 Bedroom       $715K                 $800K       +11.9%
5 Bedroom       $935K                 $975K         +4.3%

Number of Homes Sold:

March 2022       March 2023         %
14                      21                  +50%

Asking Price vs. Sold Price 
13 under asking price
8 at asking price

Average Home Sale Time

March 2022       March 2023         %
36                      35                   -2.5%

Homes For Sale:

February 2022    March 2023       %
130                   157          +20.8%

Beds           February 2022       March 2023         %
1 Bedroom             7                           8         +14.3%           
2 Bedroom            40                          49        +22.5%
3 Bedroom            61                          71        +16.4%
4 Bedroom            18                          21        +16.7%
5 Bedroom             4                           8           +100%

Home buyers have a great selection to choose from in Flagler Beach, and with local mortgage companies eager to serve local buyers, you don’t have to cross the bridge to get a low-rate mortgage.



Check out this adorable condo that is steps away from the beach, and comes with an amazing ocean view in every room!

This Florida home with a screened in pool is very Florida, and very nice! 

This house for sale is very close to the beach. 

Working in Flagler Beach, Florida

With over 20 million residents of all types, Florida is one of the top states for businesses, large and small. And while Flagler Beach is small and unique, many residents go over the ditch (intercoastal waterway) to work in Palm Coast or other surrounding areas. Nearing 100,000 residents, Palm Coast, which is about 15 minutes away from Flagler Beach, has a vibrant and bustling business sector. 

St. Augustine is less than an hour away, and Jacksonville a little further. Daytona Beach is less than 40 minutes away, and with easy access to I-95, the major interstate that runs North and South along the East coast of Florida, you can easily get to anywhere you want without having to get on the worst interstate in the country, I-4.

Working in Florida and Flagler County, where Flagler Beach is located, has some major advantages. There’s no income taxes and property taxes are less than 1%. Overall, Florida is a great place to have a successful, rewarding career. There’s tax advantages, access to capital from a large angel investor network, a strong talent base to recruit from, and growing tech hubs like Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville, the Sunshine State is on the move.


Out of Bee’s 10+ Florida offices, our Flagler Beach office is by far our favorite. Right on A1A, you can leave our office, take a few steps, and be at the beach. A few blocks South is Oceanside Bar & Grill; and a few blocks North is the pier along with some really cool shops and other places to eat. 

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