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April 11, 2023

Top 5 Reasons To Live In Nocatee Florida | Bee Mortgage App

Top 5 Reasons to live in Nocatee, Florida

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If you’re considering moving to Florida, consider Nocatee, a master planned community that’s constantly ranked as one of the healthiest and best places to live in all of Florida, especially for families. Primarily situated in St. Johns county, Nocatee caters to families looking to live their best lives with peak education, family entertainment, worship, and community events. It’s no wonder Nocatee is one of the best selling master planned communities in America, and the #1 place to call home on the First Coast! 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out all the testimonials from people who moved here from all over, like the Jetsetting Family!

But it’s not just for families. Nocatee caters to people of all ages and has exclusive, world-class amenities, events and communities for everyone, including retirees. From exclusive amenities for retirees and families with small children, Nocatee has been designed for everyone, no matter where you’re from or how old you are. And the Bee Team should know; we live and work here. Many residents start out renting a home, townhome, or apartment in Nocatee, then move up gradually to a bigger and better home. Home prices can range from the low $300’s to over $2M waterfront homes on the intercoastal waterway.

Pro Homebuying Tip: Start your home buying process early, before homebuying season picks up, which is Q2. Traditionally, families want to move when schools out and will start buying their home a few months before school lets out.

Why move to Florida in the first place? 

In the previous blog post we talked about why you should consider moving to Florida. Here’s a quick recap of our top reasons:

  • The Weather
    You get up to 300 sunny days every year. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing.

  • No State Income Tax & Homestead Exemption
    You get up to 300 sunny days every year. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing.

  • The Beach
    The untenable allure of Florida, that has some of the finest beaches in the country. 

  • The Florida Lifestyle
    Shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, beach cruisers, sun tans, beach days, relaxing poolside.

  • Stuff To Do
    There’s always something to do in Florida, especially on or near the water.

  • Affordable Housing & Living
    Believe it or not, Florida ranks very well nationally for affordable housing and living.

  • Florida Businesses
    The business of Florida is business, and one of the best states for a rewarding career.

With an average tempreture of 81 degrees year round and up to 300 sun-filled days each year to the beaches and lifestyle, to no state income tax and the homestead exemption, Florida is attracting people from all over the country who want to be free to live their best lives. Popularized with unrestrictive COVID policies that preserved individual and religious freedoms, Florida has seen a massive migration to the state with about 1,000 people per day moving to the Sunshine State. 

So, now that Florida is on your radar, consider Nocatee, which is just minutes away from Ponte Vedra Beach’s scenic coastline, decadent dining, and shopping. Found in the same county as historic St. Augustine, our nation’s oldest city, this exclusive community has been rated the #1 place to live in Florida many times.

Here’s our top 5 reasons to live in Nocatee, Florida.  

  1. The Two Waterparks, Splash & Spray

    Not that we say we’ve done it, but you can pretty much just let your kids run loose while you sunbathe on a lounge chair. Plus, the workers at the check-in-check-out point won’t let any kids leave the park alone so there’s a good chance nothing bad will happen to them. We’ve only lost three kids in two years there which isn’t too bad. (Pro-tip: slap an Apple watch on each kid’s wrist and you can know where they are without leaving your lounge chair.) 

    In addition to a lazy river, the waterparks also have some water slides for all ages, which make Nocatee’s resort-style waterparks the best community waterparks in Florida. There's a mega splash park for younger children with beginner and intermediate slides; there’s pools everywhere and multiple shallow-entry pools for younger children who haven’t learned how to swim yet. 

    There’s lilly pads, a lazy river, pool volleyball, a zip line, and two advanced slides at Spray, letting you race side-by-side on one or go down on a two-person tube. These two slides are the fastest, most popular slides in Nocatee; and some of the tallest waterslides in northeasst Florida. Watch out though, the bartenders at the on-site bar are known to over-pour, and with an on-site grill that serves fast, casual food including burgers and hotdogs, it’s pretty easy to end up spending the day poolside in the sun and fun.

    Waterpark fun is all possible because, well, this is Florida, and Nocatee benefits from the Florida weather. Getting about 224 sunny days per year, which is higher than the national average, the health benefits of living in the Sunshine State can’t be overstated. This peak warm weather is one of the reasons people who live, go to school, and work in Nocatee are the happiest, most educated in the state.

    Additionally, most neighborhoods have a community pool and multiple play parks for kids, along with dog parks allowing them to run and have fun with other dogs. Some communities have private tennis courts, clubhouse, walking paths, fitness centers, events, clubs, popular classes, and so much more.

  2. The Nocatee Lifestyle

    The Nocatee is resort style living. The vibrant lifestyle is simply the ultimate Florida experience and has been called the healthiest county in Florida to live in for the eleventh consecutive year by the University of Wisconsin. And with miles of greenway trails, kayak and paddle sports on the intercoastal, the Nocatee swim club, it’s not hard to understand why. Nocatee also has healthy dining options to serve those who want to live life with peak performance. 

    Being a master planned community has its benefits, with easy access, golf cart paths to take you anywhere you want to go in mere minutes. Conveniently located just minutes from Mickler’s Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach, residents have many entertainment options to choose from. From multiple paddle board and kayak launching and fishing spots in the pond and intercoastal, to ideal wooded trails for walking, hiking and biking, resident perks continue to be discovered.

    There’s also fitness centers, courts for volleyball, pickleball and tennis; and walking and biking trails in addition to launch spots for paddle boarding and kayaking on the intercoastal and large private, community pond. Residents enjoy food truck Fridays, the Farmers Market on Saturday, and many dog parks and acres of trails for fitness and outdoors enthusiasts. Nocatee was the region's first planned community to be EV approved, and residents enjoy exclusive access to perks from popular entertainment venues such as the Alhambra dinner theater, many theme parks and attractions, The Lodge & Club, and Serenata Beach Club. 

    Nocatee is located within one of the wealthiest and nicest zip codes, 32081, in Northeast Florida as spotlighted in a study. This is a result of the exceptional planning the developers of Nocatee, the Parc Group, did when envisioning, designing, and building this master planned community. Beneficial for the quality of resident life and home value, real estate within Nocatee and the surrounding areas have done very well historically. According to 247WallStreet, St. Johns County was the richest county in Florida in 2019. 

    For retirees, there’s Del Webb, a gated 55+ community with single family homes and townhomes starting in the mid $400’s that offer exclusive amenities such as an on-site bar and grill, grand ballroom, resort style pools, arts and crafts room, catering kitchen, and pickleball, tennis and Bocca Sports courts.

    For elder care, there’s The Starling, an assisted living and memory care facility offering exceptional service, fine dining, dynamic engagement opportunities, luxurious amenities, and robust wellness programs. Many residents have said that if they opened a Target at Town Center, they’d have no reason to leave Nocatee at all.

    Crosswater is the best neighborhood in Nocatee, by far; especially at Halloween when the street turns into a veritable carnival, packed with people. 


    Nocatee Housing Data

    The Median Home Price Compared to a Year Ago:

    $675,350 (+23.1%)

    Beds            March 2022       March 2023         %
    1 Bedroom          NA                      NA                   NA      
    2 Bedroom       $436.5K              $520K          +19.1%
    3 Bedroom       $488K                 $600K          +22.8%
    4 Bedroom       $620K                 $790K          +27.4%
    5 Bedroom       $755K                 $951K          +25.9%

    Number of Homes Sold:

    March 2022       March 2023         %
    20                      33                  +65%

    Asking Price vs. Sold Price 
    26 under asking price
    7 at asking price

    Average Home Sale Time

    March 2022       March 2023         %
    22                      64              +191.5%

    Homes For Sale:

    February 2022     March 2023            %
    118                     141          +20.8%

    Beds           February 2022       March 2023         %
    1 Bedroom             0                           0                0%           
    2 Bedroom            21                          23         +9.5%
    3 Bedroom            50                          57          +14%
    4 Bedroom            38                          50        +31.6%
    5 Bedroom             9                           11        +22.2%

    People are moving to Nocatee from (in the past year): 

    Washington DC   869
    New York, NY  701
    Miami, FL 513
    Los Angeles, CA 434
    Chicago, IL 339
    Orlando, FL 277
    Seattle, WA 259
    Philadelphia 236
    San Francisco, CA 223
    Atlanta, GA 21

    In Nocatee, home buyers have a great selection to choose from in that suite just about any family's needs and lifestyle; and with local mortgage companies in Nocatee, you don’t have to leave the Nocatee bubble to get a low-rate mortgage.


  3. Lifestyle Extra Perks

    Alhambra Theatre & Dining

    Theme Parks and Attractions

    The Lodge & Club

    Serenata Beach Club

  4. Schools & Sports For Kids

    St. Johns County was recently ranked the #1 school district in Florida, and has some of the finest schools and educators in all of Florida. Nocatee is home to two top-rated elementary and middle schools, and two highschools, Ponte Vedra High and Nease, home of Tim Tebow, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game (go Gators!). Located in or near Nocatee, each school isn’t far away from home and easy access for busy on-the-go parents.

    Within Nocatee are impeccably kept sports venues and facilities for all ages and all sports including soccer, baseball, lacrosse, football, and surf camps in Ponte Vedra Beach. This family friendly, yet competitive atmosphere brings out the best in kids looking to improve their education and playing ability on the field.

  5. Dining & Entertainment

    There’s always something to do in Nocatee. In addition to many dining options to choose from, community meet-ups, the farmers market, food truck Friday, and other holiday events, there’s many family-friendly spots to eat and relax. Community events include family pizza night, movie night, Disney sing-a-longs, Bingo night, Nocatee uncorked wine tastings, beer and bingo, holiday golf cart rides, mega neighborhood Halloween parties, and many others.

    Within minutes of Nocatee is Ponte Vedra Beach, Mickler’s Landing, and historic St. Augustine. Ponte Vedra Beach has some of the finest shopping and dining in all of Florida. Be sure to check out Eleven Street Bistro and other places offering unheard of decadence for those looking for a day of indulgence eating, drinking and shopping.

    Nocatee is currently adding another 17,000 ft of retail space that will be anchored by a high-end steakhouse with a rooftop bar overlooking the water and preserve. Opening in the summer 2024, the Chophouse steakhouse at Nocatee will be a welcome addition along with Anejo Cocino Mexican and Catullo’s Italian restaurant, which boasts some of the best food in Ponte Vedra!

    Click here for the schedule of upcoming Nocatee events.



    Community Park

    Crosswater Park

    Cypress Park

    Davis Park

    Dog Parks

    Greenleaf Park

    Seabrook Park

    Splash Water Park

    Splash Water Park Zipline

    Spray Water Park

    Swim Club

    Twenty Mile Park

    Twenty Mile Post

    West End Park

    Fitness & Outdoor Activities

    Electric Vehicle Paths

    Fitness Club

    Fitness Trails Map

    Greenway Trails

    Kayak Launch

    Nocatee Landing

    Nocatee Preserve

    Nocatee Swim Club

    Settler's Pond

    Events & Activities

    Monthly Event Calendar

    Nocatee Event Videos

    Lifestyle Photo Gallery

    Working In Nocatee

    Florida has an economy that is about the same size as Mexico's, and is growing as more people move here each year. In addition to Bee co-founders living in a Nocatee neighborhood, Bee is headquartered in the Valley Ridge Professional Park near Nocatee Town Center. Owned and managed by Coastal Compass, Nocatee boasts some of the finest facilities for companies of all sizes in all of Florida.

    With innovative co-working space options at The Link, to individual office suites at Valley Ridge Professional Park and many high-rise office buildings to choose from, there’s space sufficient to meet the needs of any company. Being minutes from Nocatee Town Center, it’s easy to grab lunch, dinner or after work meetings not too far from home and work.

    With close proximity to one of the largest metro areas in the Southeast, Northeast Florida is a leader for technological development. And we should know. Bee’s new technology is patent-pending, totally innovative for the real estate industry. Northeast Florida has high levels of state-funded infrastructure, clean and safe roadways, fast data speeds, and a strong support system for fintech start-ups.

    Lastly, Florida is one of the few states in the country that doesn’t have any state income tax. This huge benefit is often overlooked when considering where to live, however, it can save you a lot of money over the course of a career in Florida. After all, the less you’re forced to pay the government, the more you’ll have to save, invest or have fun with! 

    A Business Friendly State

    Florida offers many low-tax advantages you can’t find anywhere else. From property and income, to estate and a low corporate tax rate, Florida’s economy is booming because of the rewards the Sunshine state offers. 

    With over 20 million residents of all types, Florida is one of the top states for businesses, large and small. By making living in Florida so enjoyable, with no income taxes and less than 1% property tax rate, Florida is a great place to have a successful, rewarding career. With tax advantages, access to capital from a large angel investor network, a strong talent base to recruit from, and growing tech hubs like Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville, the Sunshine State is on the move. 

    With a small 5.5% corporate tax rate, and no payroll tax, and access to top talent from many universities, some of the largest corporations and hedge funds in the world are headquartered in Florida. The Sunshine state does not tax limited partnerships or LLCs, and provides favorable exemptions for clean energy operations. This alluring business environment is causing Florida to have one of the country’s biggest, resilient, and growing economies. 

    Florida is also a great place for entrepreneurs to start a business, especially fintech start-ups, that have made Miami and Tampa popular.  Florida has some of the largest employers you’ll ever find with a GDP that’s estimated to be equal to Mexico’s. Top industries include information technology, aviation, clean tech, financial services, hedge funds, manufacturing, distribution and boasts some of the top Chamber of Commerce organizations in America.

    No State Income Tax & No Retirement Benefits Tax 

    If you’re leaving a high-tax state, living in Florida can offer some instant financial benefits. The state constitution expressly prohibits any individual income tax, resulting in a net positive for your wallet. There’s a reason Florida is a top destination for retirees, and has entire master planned communities that cater to the ideal lifestyle. Retirees love Florida due to the zero income tax that applies to retirement income, including Social Security benefits. Florida cities like Pensacola, Port St. Lucie, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Daytona Beach are ideally suited for retirees thanks to their inviting community spirit.

    Property Tax Exemptions 

    When you buy a home in Florida, and declare it as your primary residence, Florida gives you two property tax benefits, the Homestead Exemption and “Save Our Home”. The Homestead Exemption lets you qualify for up to $50,000 in tax exemptions by decreasing the taxable value of your home. And the “Save Our Home” cap helps limit the annual increases to the assessed value of your property to 3% or the change in the Consumer Price Index, whichever is lowest. These two tax benefits are of high value as inflation drives prices upward. 

    No Estate Tax

    An additional tax benefit is that there is no estate or “death tax” charged on the transfer of the estate or any assets of a person who dies. This is a big benefit to the loved ones inheriting the estate by shielding them from an additional tax burden.

    It’s clearly obvious why Nocatee is growing! From the sunshine and the economy, to a lifestyle unmatched anywhere else in the country, Nocatee has something for everyone!

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